Getting Started with Moodle @ MICA

If you are unable to attend Moodle training this semester, here are a few good and brief videos to get you started using Moodle for your classroom needs at MICA.


Video Help (very brief introductory videos for commonly used Moodle tools) 

Moodle Tools:

Navigating in a Course


Course Formats


Adding Resources in Moodle

Adding Files Using Drag and Drop


Moving Activities and Resources


Interacting in Moodle

Setting up and Interacting in a Discussion in Moodle Part I Part II Part III


Adding an Assignment in Moodle


Grading an Assignment


Creating a Quiz Activity in Moodle 2


Additional Videos and Help Pages can be found here:

Moodlerooms Knowledge Base

Moodle Browser recommendations

Keep the following in mind when using Moodle for teaching. Keeping your browser updated is important for Moodle to function properly.

Recommended minimum browser: recent Google Chrome, recent Mozilla Firefox, Safari 6, Internet Explorer 9 (IE 10 required for drag and drop of files from outside the browser into Moodle).

  • IE8 and Safari 5 are no longer fully supported. They should still work but they are not tested regularly and there might be some problems. Like most of the world’s Web sites and browser producers, we encourage you to keep your browsers current to improve security and functionality while saving us valuable time. (For example see what Google is doing.)
  • IE6 and IE7 are not recommended for Moodle 2.6 at all. You will encounter difficulties trying to use those old browsers in today’s Internet.

iPads for Teaching and Learning

Take a look at what others are doing in the classroom with iPads.

ipad image


iPads and iPhones have proliferated within many educational settings. Using iPads and inexpensive iPad apps, teachers can easily employ creation and collaboration tools in the classroom!

Give your students a 21st Century learning experience. Make learning more engaging, collaborative and creative!

Who has done this before?

iPad Art: Lessons, apps and ideas for the iPad in Visual Art
Cathy Hunt

iPad Study Results

Check out iPad Art Room at


iPad paintbrush:

Take a look at some applications to create video on mobile devices.

3D Creator Tool App: 123D Creature:

8 Museum Apps:


The Office of Academic Technology is also supporting a pilot project of portable lecture capture equipment and software. Consider how you can flip your classroom with the Swivl!

Flipped Classroom Whitepaper:



Easy Multimedia Timeline Creator

Take a look at these free tools for creating dynamic timelines with images, videos and more! Embed one on a blog, facebook or your MICA course page!

Dipity (very visually dynamic and interactive, great for historical timelines and the best for embedding on a page!)

Capzles (very good for image/video collections on a timeline or not)

TimeRime (also very visually dynamic for images and video, and embeds too!)

Dipity Example!