Restoring and Importing In Moodle

How to Restore a Moodle Course

 How to Import Content into your Moodle Course

What’s the difference between Importing and Restoring course content?

In short, there isn’t a significant difference except that Restore can bring in users & user data, and Import cannot. You can import content from an existing course as long as it is visible on your account. In the future, we may only be able to guarantee access to a course for a year after it has run. In that case, Restore will allow you to bring content into a new course that is from an older course – provided you saved a backup of that course. Restore also allows you to bring user data from an existing course, provided you included that data in your backup. 

We conduct regular backups of content in Moodle each week, but we encourage faculty to back up their courses regularly to avoid unexpected loss of course content.

If you have any questions about this or anything else as you use Moodle, please contact Pam Stefanuca at


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