Google and more!

We have created a Youtube playlist of some great introductions and tutorials on Google Apps that you can use via Google Drive to improve connectivity and interactivity in classrooms. Some apps/videos you may have heard of like Google Docs or Google Forms are included in the playlist. In videos of Google Apps for Education, you can view how to create a survey, explore data visualization, and other advanced features.

In addition to videos on those familiar apps, we also feature on the playlist others like Pear Deck which can help you create an interactive classroom using polling, question and answer slides, and other creative presentation features. You can also find a video on Conceptboard which allows you to work collaboratively online on a group project.

You can check out the first video of the playlist below. You can also browse through the playlist to find videos that interest you and that are relevant to your teaching by clicking the playlist icon in the upper left corner of the video.

Advertisements Improvements To Come Soon

We’re looking for volunteers to test some new Lynda functionality that was released in beta on October 23. If you are interested, contact me at

If you participate, you can explore and test a new interface on where you will be able to build playlists comprised of individual videos, or sections of courses.

Specifically, you will be able to:

  • Add courses or individual videos to a playlist
  • Drag and drop courses, videos, chapters, and more into a playlist
  • Enable or disable videos or chapters within a course in a playlist
  • Watch a playlist from start to finish on a single page

In the beta environment, you can switch back to the current playlist functionality by clicking Use classic layout at the upper right of your playlist page.

Just in case you forgot…

What is Lynda? Lynda is an online video library that MICA subscribes to where you can access thousands of instructional video tutorials.

How do I access Lynda? Go to your MICA portal at and log in. On the left menu, click on Academic Resources where you will find a link to Lynda!